Print Sizes & Cost

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The prints are auto signed ‘Miki Slingsby’

 SILVER ‘C TYPE’ Printing

Produced from high resolution scans of the Original Negatives. These are then processed (See Digital Renovation Notes)  then printed using a ZBE Chromira  Laser Printer onto photographic ‘C Type Silver Halide’  Kodak Profesional Ultra Endura Premier Paper, Lustre,  giving a semi mat finish. This is a chemically  based silver photographic process in the traditional sense.  They are almost indistinguishable from the Original Prints in quality and tones and are Archival up to 100 years in normal room lighting and 200 years stored in the dark according to Kodak

PLEASE NOTE these are not ink jet ‘Art  Prints’ which are often now sold in the UK as Giclée prints. (Giclée is French for squirt which is how an inkjet print is made by squirting ink onto the paper)

Print Sizes
We offer three sizes……
12x16ins(305x406mm)£39.99 plus shipping
16x20in (406x508mm) £59.99 plus shipping
20×24 (508x610mm) £79.99 plus shipping
Larger sizes and other printing processes  such as Digital Ink Jet ( including Art Prints, Giclee on any type of paper, board or metal) or transparencies in Light boxes will be advised on application


For enquiries or further information please email